Libguestfs 1.14
Ubuntu 11.10

I am trying use virt-resize on NTFS partitions.

I have installed Windows 2008 in an LVM partition (in order to use RAW) - I am trying to resize to a larger LVM partition.

I have ntfsresize installed on the server - the windows partition is not encrypted.

root@kvm1:~# ntfsresize -v
ntfsresize v2011.4.12AR.4 (libntfs-3g)

The attempt ends with an error

 Fatal error: exception Guestfs.Error("ntfsresize_opts: /dev/vda2)

I have attached a txt file of the results where I have used 


I have also tried using

 virt-resize --expand /dev/sda2 /dev/vgpool/w2008webtemplate /dev/vgpool/wintest2 

as well as

 virt-resize --expand /dev/vda2 /dev/vgpool/w2008webtemplate /dev/vgpool/wintest2 

Any ideas how to get it working ?